North West Racing Association 

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Kennealy continues his dominace; Collins and Kilanowski go 2 in a row; Massey, Aletich and Murray all become first time winners;
By: Eddie Farness     9/18/2020

North West Racing Association- Week 3 for the North West Racing Association kicked off this last week on Sunday night, and the action once again carried on to Tuesday night! 

The SWAG Wraps and Graphics Pro Late Model series headed to Langley Speedway for race #3 of the season. William Smith would be the fast qualifier of the night but would see some unfortunate issues and wouldnt be able to race. Matthew T Lee would take the lead from the get-go and would lead for the entire race until the white flag. Robbie Kennealy would have to start dead last due to missing qualifying and would have to work his way through the field in the 60 lap caution free race. Kennealy would get to 2nd with only 13 to go and would have to run down Lee. The white flag would be thrown and contact would be made in turn 1, and Kennealy would come out of 2 the leader and would carry it through 3 and 4 to take home his 3rd win of the season in 3 races in the SWAG Wraps and Graphics Pro Late Model Tour!

In the Team 126 Asphalt Super Late Model Tour, also at Langley for the SWAG Graphics 100! Robbie Kennealy would qualify fast time for the night, and would take a back row challenge to start from 22nd to try and win to earn an extra $15. On the pole would be Coy Haseleu, and he would take the lead and lead the first 22 laps before Dalton Collins would come and capture the top spot. Collins would be challenged by multiple drivers even losing the lead to Matthew T Lee for a few laps before regaining it. Unfortunatly, cautions wouldn't allow the drivers to race to the end and Dalton Collins would pick up his 2nd win of the season and 2nd in a row! 

In the Mary Kay By Kaitlyn IBC Pure Stocks, it would be a battle for the lead and win all night long. William Hargreaves would start from the pole and would lead for the first half of the feature event. DJ Kilanowski would come from the 5th starting spot to challenge Hargreaves for the lead, and with only 15 remaining, he would take the lead. 8th place starter, Kyle Moyer would come out of the pack and would challenge Kilanowski for the win, but would come up just short only losing by a bumper at the line and a time of 0.043 of a second was the difference of the two. Kilanowski picked up his 2nd of the season and 2nd in a row! 

In the DOA Pro Wrestling Super Stocks, it would be all Jamie Massey for the 50 lap feature. A few cautions would allow the field to bring the gap down a bit, but once the green flag would fly, Massey would be gone again. A GWC finish would set up for a wild finish as DJ Kilanowski would try to setup a pass to get around Massey. Massey would be able to hold off the challenge and would become the 3rd different winner in the series in 3 races!!

The MidSouth DirtSlingers Pro Late Models would head to USA International Speedway, the longest track on the schedule. Blake Murray would start from the pole but unfortunatly, 5 cautions would stop the first 10 laps of being able to race it.  The final 20 would stay green and the battle would be on. John Aletich and Blake Murray would battle side by side for many laps until Aletich would find the line on the bottom and would take the lead. Murray would try for everything he had to try and make the top side work, but Aletich would be too fast on the bottom to make the move. Aletich would pick up his first win and would become the 1st new winner of the series! 

The Team 126 Dirt Super Late Models would also be at USA International Speedway for race #3 of the season. Zack  McSwain would start from the pole and would lead the first few laps until an incident would happen sending him to the rear. Blake Murray would take the lead and he would be the one to beat as no one could make the pass on Murray to take the lead. Murray would lead the rest of the race and would become the 3rd different winner this season in 3 races!!

Full Results
Langley Speedway
Lanier National Speedway
USA International Speedway

SWAG Wraps and Graphics Feature: 1. Robbie Kennealy; 2. Matthew T Lee; 3. Brandon Hughes; 4. Michael Whiting; 5. Eddie Farness; 6. Jesse Neklua;          7. Billy Smith; 8. Blake Depinet; 9. James Ryals; 10. Andrew Tenold; 11. Dale Farness; 12. Jason Coe; 13. William Smith

Team 126 Super Late Model Tour Feature: 1. Dalton Collins; 2. Robbie Kennealy; 3. Brandon Gagnon; 4. Zachary A Mertes; 5. Matthew T Lee;                         6. Coy Haseleu; 7. Dale Farness; 8. Blaidyn Edwards; 9. J.J. Jenson III; 10. Brandon Hughes; 11. Bradley Miner; 12. Michael Steffan; 13. Michael Eckhardt;        14. Michael Brown; 15. Jeffrey DeLong; 16. Blake Depinet; 17. Michael Whiting; 18. Eddie Farness; 19. Andrew Tenold; 20. Benjamin T Lee; 21. Jesse Nekula;     22. William Smith

Mary Kay By Kaitlyn IBC Pure Stocks A Feature: 1. DJ Kilanowski; 2. Kyle Moyer; 3. William Hargreaves; 4. Boomer Lindell; 5. Brandon Marlow;                          6. David Breuer; 7. Jamie Massey; 8. Josh Peacock; 9. Billy Northcutt; 10. Trevor Byrge; 11. Alex Breuer; 12. Joshua Thomas; 13. Jesse Osborn; 14. Dale Farness; 15. Caleb Ramsey; 16. Mark Schnichels; 17. Wes Wiegand; 18. Anthony Jaynes; 19. Brandon Dobbratz; 20. Shane Yates; 21. Thomas Suttles;                22. Robert Tucker; 23. Andrew Tenold

DOA Pro Wrestling Super Stocks A Feature: 1. Jamie Massey; 2. DJ Kilanowski; 3. Kyle Moyer; 4. Josh Peacock; 5. Kyle Sirratt; 6. Alex Breuer; 7. William Hargreaves; 8. Taylor Frost; 9. Grayson Wells; 10. Jacob Todd; 11. Joshua Thomas; 12. Billy Northcutt; 13. Brandon Marlow; 14. Eddie Farness; 15. Mark Schinchels; 16. Boomer Lindell; 17. Gerry Switzer; 18. Anthony Jaynes; 19. Colby Crow; 20. Thomas Suttles; 21. David Breuer; 22. Austin Coates; 23. Blake Depinet; 24. Jesse Osborn

MidSouth DirtSlingers Pro Late Models A Feature: 1. John Aletich; 2. Blake Murray; 3. Connor M Wilson; 4. Gavin Collins; 5. Alex A Payne; 6. Eddie Farness; 7. Cameron Cason; 8. Terrell Payne; 9. Quinn Wallis; 10. Aaron Watson; 11. Mitch Stiles; 12. Thomas Suttles; 13. JR Taylor; 14. Troy Vaughn; 15. David Thackrey; 16. Cory Austin; 17. Mitchell Farmer; 18. Mark Schnichels; 19. James Miller; 20. Austin Good; 21. Anthony Jaynes; 22. Travis Biertzer; 23. Ezra Oliver;               24. Austin Coates

Team 126 Dirt Super Late Models A Feature: 1. Blake Murray; 2. John Aletich; 3. Barrett Bishop; 4. Zack McSwain; 5. JR Taylor; 6. Terrell Payne; 7. James Miller; 8. Tanner Tomasi; 9. Blake Depinet; 10. Eddie Farness; 11. Thomas Suttles; 12. Troy Vaughn; 13. Austin Coates; 14. Austin Good; 15. Derrick Keltner;      16. Dale Farness; 17. Mitchell Farmer; 18. David Thackrey; 19. Mitch Stiles; 20. Collin Wyant; 21. Ezra Oliver; 22. Connor M Wilson; 23. Cory Austin; 24. Mark Schnichels

The Asphalt Series next week heads to the famed North Wilkesboro Speedway, while both the Street Stock and the Late Models will head to Ohio to race the Limaland Motorsports Park!