North West Racing Association 

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Season 3 Rule Package
1. Officials have final say

2. VOICE CHAT: Everyone will receive 1 warning for voice chat, after that warning, if you continue to yell at another driver over voice chat, your chat will be disabled. We will not put up with the whining and yelling at other drivers this season.

3. ALL SERIES RESTARTS: All starts on leader once pace car is off the track and in pit road. Leaders have choice of inside or outside lane on Restarts, NOT initial start.

4. INCIDENTS: Dirt will have a 5 point penalty for every 6 incidents, and will have a DQ limit if 25x. Asphalt will have a 5 point penalty for every 12x, and will have a DQ limit of 30x. If you are DQed 2 weeks in a row for incident count, you will be suspended 1 race.

5. RESTARTS: Jumping the starts will result in a caution being thrown, and the guilty party going to the back. We will throw a caution in the heat race if we have to. There is no warning for this call. It will be made clear when you can fire.

6. Crashes: when involved in a wreck, HOLD your brakes until all the cars have passed you so we don't involve more cars than we need to.

7. Causing Cautions: If you cause a caution in a heat race, you will be parked for the remainder of the heat. Failure to park your car after cause of yellow will result in a DQ from remainder of the night. Cause 2 yellows in the main event and be parked for the remainder of the feature.

8. If you have a question about why a call was made, please PM the official who made the call on iRacing. Please do not go into the voice chat and continue to ask. Officials will be forced to stand behind their call if a driver asks why the call was made.

9. CRASHES: If you see drivers wrecking in front of you, DO NOT try and drive through the wreck and cause more carnage.. check up and avoid if you can. If we catch a driver plowing through the wreck to advance positions, you will be given an EOL. This causes even more carnage.

10. INTENTIONAL WRECKING: First Offense: DQ from race. 2nd Offense: DQ, loss of points and a 1 race suspension. 3rd offense: Season Suspension.

11. RETALIATION: Retaliation of any kind will result in a AUTOMATIC DQ.

12. After the race as finished, please continue to drive around to the back straight away and park or go to the pits after the race. Please do not slow in turn 1 and cause a wreck at the end of the race.

13. TOP 3 FINISHERS: Top 3 finishers for the main event, please pull onto the front straightaway in order of how you finished. Please wait until all 3 of you are there before you exit out of the lobby.


15. 2 attempts at a GWC finish.

16. 2 fast repairs ONLY.

17. WAVE AROUNDS: If you go a lap down while under green flag conditions, you WILL NOT receive a wave around. If you are stuck in pits when you entered under yellow flag conditions, we will wave you around.

18. Social Media: Drivers who bash other drivers on broadcasts, or any form of social media will receive a penalty for doing such. If something happens in the race, do not go and whine about it on social media.

19. Please be respectful of the rules listed above, be respectful of the other drivers when on the track, and let's have a good season!